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window cleaning flyer

Window Cleaning Flyer Template

A photo of a person cleaning a window.

Many large shopping complexes will employ a regular weekly window washer. A business wants to make a good first impression, so if the building has a large front window, these can get dirty from weather and they will start to look dingy. This doesn't have to be a service that is limited to large cities with sky scrapers. A business may not even think to call someone for this service, but that's a great way to get new clients by suggesting it to them. Keep an eye out for buildings that may not already have a regular washing services and stop in with a flyer or business card.

This sign is designed to stand out from a distance, so you could even hang it where people driving by will see it. All text and colors can be completely customized. Make important key words stand out by using a contrasting color when writing your information.

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