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Cleaning Flyer Advertisement Template

Featured design with a duster and light blue background.

If you don't know what the going rate is for services in your area, consider researching the competition. Investigating your competitors is an established business practice and you need to know what you are up against. Call other cleaning services in your area from the phone book or that appear in the local Google search results on the internet and find out their rates and the special services offered. If they don't give prices over the phone, you can schedule appointments with their sales rep to get even more information about how they manage their estimates. This is a discovery process which will teach you what the big guys are doing and is great if you are just starting out. Then you can decide whether you want to undercut the competition price wise. Or if you want to be a premium cleaning company that charges more because you offer more customized and personal services.

This flyer template features a price and advertises it as a current special offer. Use it once you know what you would like to charge and this could be a one time introductory offer to allow people to try you out.

Download Adobe PDF

You can view the template in any PDF viewer, but you will need to open in Adobe Reader to edit the placeholder text shown on the flyer. You will not be able to save a copy of the PDF with your custom text, so I suggest you type out your information first in a seperate file to save it and then copy and paste it into the flyer to replace the words that are shown. You can then print out as many copies as you need and you will still have your information saved for the future.