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cleaning services flyer

Cleaning Services Flyer Design

Abstract blue bubbles for a sparkling fresh first impression.

I like to design the flyers on this site in blue because I feel like that is the best color to represent a cleaning service. Blue represents water and overall looks clean and fresh to me. It is said to evoke the feeling of tranquility, and in essence why do you hire someone to take care of your house, other than to make your life easier and more tranquil. If you haven't make a logo yet or ordered business cards or any other promotional materials, then think about what color theme you want in your overall business and you can consider sticking in the blue realm for all these items, unless you really like another color. This flyer features an abstract photo that looks like water bubbles. It has a featured services area and a place to put a customer comment or quote. As always I like to make a telephone number big and easy to see in case someone wants to just jot that down on the go.

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Template is formatted to work with any version of Microsoft Word .doc editor.