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Cleaning Checklist Templates

A free cleaning checklist template to keep track of household chores in a variety of formats including printable PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

Have a cleaning checklist can help you to keep track of where you are in your weekly house cleaning cycle. Maybe you don't want to take a block of 1-2 hours out of your week to clean, break it up room by room or chore by chore. Do all the vacuuming in one night, or just clean the kitchen from top to bottom during one session. Breaking things up into smaller parts can allow you to tackle one room per night after work, without spending a ton of time. Keep track of your progress by checking off where you are on the list, which as the check marks fill up you will also get excited to reach your goal of a fully cleaned house. The checklist is available for download for Microsoft Office in Word and Excel format so you can customize it on the computer or as a printable PDF file that you may write the information in the boxes. I've shown an example filled out, but you can list chores by room or just list specific items you want to focus on in the house. Cleaning staff or maid services could also use this to submit to a client to show exactly what was done.

Download Microsoft Word Document Edit in your word processor - one checklist per page.

Download for Microsoft Excel This spreadsheet will print out two lists per sheet of paper.

Printable Cleaning Checklist PDF Print right from your browser and then write your info on the sheet.