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cleaning business flyer

Cleaning Business Flyer Template

A bright green design in a customizable PDF format.

If you are just starting a cleaning business, you will want to post flyers everywhere around town to try to generate leads and business opportunities. This bright green sign will draw attention, but still gets the point across with the vacuum in the photo. It has lots of spaces to describe your services, add a tagline for your company and the phone number is in a large green text so that it catches your attention. I think important contact info like that should always stand out! Make sure you personalize the flyer with your name and you can also include an email or website in the document area.

View the PDF Document

Please note, you can type your own custom text into the PDF document and print the flyer, but it will NOT allow you to save a copy of the PDF file with your changes. So make sure after you have your text entered and correct and print as many copies as you will need. You may see blue or gray boxes around the place holder text, these are just to show you the form fields, but these will not print on the finished design.